The Panda Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is also our motto; “To Teach Tennis and Change Lives.” The Panda Foundation was certified as a 501(c)3 organization in 2000.

Traditionally, our programming focused on children and seniors.  However, after working with children in Manatee County for nearly two decades, Panda recognized the need to expand our programs, in order to have the greatest possible impact on youth.

While we continue to focus on the values of literacy, remaining in school, maintaining a healthy, drug free body and addressing the issue of childhood obesity and diabetes, we have also begun to develop programs to address the whole child, and, as such, the whole family.

The Panda Foundation will continue to use tennis and other sports as the hook in our programs, but will also, independently and with partners, offer more health and recreation opportunities for all family members.  Further, Panda will offer programming to assist families in enjoying healthy, productive lives, such as gaining and maintaining employment, parenting classes, and other community workshops and meetings that are timely and meaningful.

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Helping Children

We have developed partnerships with local Hospitals, School Systems and Nutritionists in an effort to teach children to avoid the perils of childhood obesity and diabetes. Once each month, a doctor, dentist, mentor or nutritionist visits our program to discuss health related issues.

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Professional Development

The Panda Foundation assists in the professional development of a select number of talented players. These players need continued training and support to reach their goals.Travel, training and housing have always been barriers for middle and lower income families. Offer your support now!

Senior Training

Our young professionals offer exhibitions and training support to groups of senior players to improve their recreational enjoyment of the sport that they've loved for decades. Seldom will we offer changes in ball-striking technique because these have been in place for decades, but rather methods that will enhance their enjoyment of the game.

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