Children’s Program @ The Panda Foundation
Panda nutritionist Grace Lee discussing the proper food for good health
A tremendous talent pool
Learning teamwork and cooperation
Innate talent in surprising places
Destiny leading the Sarasota Book Festival Parade
World Champion weightlifter (55 World Titles) & Bradenton Dentist Dr. Margaret Kirkland talking about discipline

Children’s Program

As adults, parents, and educators, we must actively prepare our children and our communities for an intense and highly technical 21st century. We are committed to helping children by encouraging visualization of individual greatness through training in individual sports.

With the help of our child-friendly mascot, we will reach and release the inventor, scientist, and doctor hidden deep within the genetic coding of each of our children. We will help provide communities with well-nurtured, highly motivated, and self-confident young people who carry unlimited potential.  During before and after school sessions, as well as during the summer, youth receive sports training, health and nutrition education, tutoring, and mentoring.

Watch as one of our juniors, Sebastian, who has only been playing for a total of 3 hours, over a period of 3 weeks, rallies with a coach

The launch of the Panda National Junior Tennis and Learning Program is providing these and other opportunities to Middle and High School students.

Junior Programs