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The Horse

The Author of “The Horse,” James Ciccone, is the former pro bono attorney for the ATA for more than 20 years. His leadership was recognized when he was inducted into the Black tennis Hall of Fame in 2017. In addition, his son, Vincenzo, was a multiple ATA national champion and represented Jamaica on their Davis Cup team. James has generously partnered with us to support the Urban Aces Tennis Academy. 100% of every book sold through the Panda Foundation website will be donated to support urban tennis programs nationwide.

James Reasoner, a New York Times best-selling author, said, “What a gut punch of a book.”

Modern Tennis Instruction

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One Shot Tennis

“Winners win and occasionally lose. Losers lose and occasionally win, but champions have learned the process of winning which to them has become more valuable than winning itself.”

– William J. Crutchfield – One Shots Sports and Education Foundation