Urban Aces Mission

Welcome to the Panda Foundation’s Urban Aces Tennis Academy. Hi and thank you for visiting the Urban Aces Tennis Academy web page. The Urban Aces Academy offers advise and corrections for 30 of the most common errors made by club-level tennis players.  Yet, it’s so simple, you wonder why it took so long!

There are approximately 88 million tennis players worldwide and about 22 million of those players live in the United States of America.  Nearly 2/3 of these American players are rated NTRP 3.0 – 4.0. That amounts to about 14,000,000 club-level players in America alone.  These are the players that the Urban Aces Academy program was created to help. 

But, more importantly, the Urban Aces Tennis Academy will use advertising revenue and donations to support urban junior development programs across America.  The Panda Team is comprised of individuals with Hall of Fame backgrounds, authors of tennis related publications and significant coaching accomplishments to oversee the program.
Users can view the lessons  in the privacy of your  home or office, even on your laptop while away at a competitive event. Urban Aces is available 24/7 without the need to schedule an appointment and without the inconvenience or prohibitive cost of traditional private or group lessons.

It was designed for club-level players and offers easy access to sports related performance solutions by providing easy-to-understand, 1 minute video fixes to the most common problems.  There is no cost to the student, or their programs.  Simply subscribe to and like the channel!  Advertising revenue and charitable donations will be used to support affiliated junior development programs. Thus, as the parent organization, the Panda Foundation, a 501 c (3) not-for-profit organization founded more than 20 years ago, the  Urban Aces Tennis Academy, along with our partners, will support the continued development of existing urban junior development programs.

Look for Urban Aces Academy to launch on December 11, 2023! Help support the Urban Aces Tennis Academy. Proceeds go directly to funding urban tennis programs, including equipment, coaching and lesson costs, tournament fees and travel expenses for underprivileged kids and teens.